We help you feel great, perform better and live a healthier life outside the gym


Strict Cleaning Protocols, no sharing equipment, no overlapping classes, designated workout spaces

Goal Setting:

Identify, set and track your fitness goals. Each quarter we will re-evaluate your progress and set new goals. Avoid hitting a fitness plateau and let us help you create a plan to achieve your goals and continue to improve your overall health.


If we don’t see you around the gym, expect a call, text or email from us checking to make sure everything is alright.


Each class you will notice a group of people working out together and encouraging each other to be the best version of themselves. You can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm after an amazing workout.

Small Class Sizes:

We limit attendance per class to ensure individualized attention and a safe workout environment.

Quality Coaching:

Safety is always first, coaches demonstrate proper form, check and correct technique and support you to feel your best.

Different Workout Everyday:

We create the workouts and the coach explains and demonstrates all the movements.

Functional Movement:

Feel better inside and outside the gym by reducing stress and pain, increasing energy and being the best version of yourself.


EVERYTHING can be modified to fit your fitness level. CrossFit can be for anyone.


A little friendly competition helps you set higher expectations. Workouts are designed for all levels of fitness.


Workouts, strength training, nutrition challenges are all recorded and tested.

481 N. Commons Aurora, IL 60504 (view larger map)