'CrossFit Mischief changed my Life!  One year ago; I walked into the box to speak with Arianne.  I weighed 250 lbs and could not tie my shoes without breathing hard.  Today, I am 210 lbs. And stronger than ever with a resting heart beat of 63 beats a minute.  No more issues tying shoes or going up stairs.

Thank you CrossFit Mischief!!  Arianne and Brian!!' - Kevin J

“I've never done CrossFit before joining CrossFit Mischief. I was intimidated to try CrossFit and was only used to your standard gym. Arianne (the owner and Trainer) was so helpful when I first joined with acclimating me to this style of work out. It's only been a few weeks but I'm already seeing results that I've never seen or felt in years of standard gyms. Everyone was so welcoming when I first joined. It's great to have trainers and other members supporting you through these tough but rewarding workouts. I would recommend this gym to anyone! Thanks Arianne for pushing me to be the best version of myself!” – Marie G

'Love this place and the people. I was uncertain and nervous about joining. It seemed out of reach and intimidating. It is so the opposite. I have never felt judged or never felt I can't do something. The trainers are amazing, challenging, and supportive.  You need to check it out!' ~ Laura J
2950 East Ogden Ave Aurora IL 60504 (view larger map)