CrossFit Mischief: Mischief Market Throwdown WOD 1 presented by CorePower Yoga and BurgaBox is a descending and ascending ladder of Deadlifts and Calorie Row.  
For the deadlift RX Men use 225lbs and RX Women use 155lbs, Scaled Men use 155lbs and Scaled Women use 105lbs.
At the call of 3-2-1...GO! Athletes will perform 27-21-15-9-3-3-9-15-21-27 of deadlifts and calorie row.  Only one athlete will work at a time and repetitions can be divided however the athletes decide.  
This a task prior workout, meaning athletes want to finish the ladder as fast as they can.  Their score will be the time of completion. There is a 10 minute time cap. Every repetition not completed in the 10 minutes will be added as a second towards their total time.  
Each deadlift begins with the barbell on the ground and finishes when the athlete stands up the weight to full extension.  The knees and hips must be in a locked out position and shoulders behind the bar.  Failure to not touch the the ground each time or athletes do not achieve full lockout at top will result in a no rep.  
Athletes can choose any grip but the hands must be outside their feet.  Sumo deadlifts are not permitted.
The non-working athlete may not touch the barbell while the partner is deadlifting.  If the non-working athlete touches the barbell before the other bar is on the ground this will result in a no rep.
Athletes may drop the weight after achieving full extension at the top or athletes are allowed to touch and go.  Bouncing is NOT allowed and will result in a no rep.
For the row, the monitor must read zero calories at the start of each round.  Athletes or judges may clear the monitor.  The damper must be set on 7 for both athletes.  
Athlete may be seated on the rower while their partner is finishing the deadlifts but may not grab the handle until the barbell is resting on the ground.  Grabbing the handle before the barbell is on the ground will result in a no rep.  The rowing athlete must return the handle back to the rower before the next round of deadlifts begins.