CrossFit Mischief: Mischief Market Throwdown WOD 2 presented by SPARC Chiropractic
and Take Two Fitness Apparel is a 9 Minute AMRAP of 6 Thrusters and 9 Burpee Box Jumps.

RX Men use 95lb barbell and 24' box and RX Women use 65lb barbell and 20' box. Scaled Men use 75lb barbell and 24' Box and Scaled Women use 55lb barbell and 20' box.

At the call of 3,2,1..Go! Athletes have 9 minutes to complete as many rounds and reps as possible.  Starting with a buy-in of 200 Double Under for RX and 200 Singles for Scaled. Only one athlete can work at a time but the jump rope repetitions can be divided however athletes desire.  

After the buy-in is complete.  One athlete must perform one full round of 6 thrusters and 9 burpee box jumps then the second athlete must perform a full round.  This pattern will continue until 9 minutes has elapsed. Only one athlete works at a time. Athletes are responsible for flipping the box to the required height.  Women may use the men’s height, but men may not use the women’s height.  If the male athlete jumps on the 20” box it will result in a no rep.


For the thruster the barbell begins on the ground and moves from the bottom of a front squat to the athlete standing tall in a fully locked out position. Which means arms, legs and hips must achieve full extension.  For the first repetition a squat is allowed.  The barbell does not need to return to the ground to start the next repetition.  During the front squat the athlete must squat below parallel which means the hip crease must pass below the knee.  Failure to fully lock out on top or break parallel during the squat will result in a no rep.


The burpee box jump starts with the athlete facing the box while touching their chest and thigh to the ground and finishes with the athlete jumping off the box and landing on the SAME SIDE.  Athletes must stand tall on top of the box with knees and hips fully locked out.  Failure to lock out will result in a no rep.  A two foot take off is required for RX division.  The scaled division may jump or step up.  Both divisions can jump or step down.  


Your score is the total reps completed in 9 minutes excluding the buy-in.