CrossFit Mischief: Mischief Market Throwdown WOD 3 presented by LiveSore and UR is a continuation of WOD 2.  Immediately following WOD 2, the clock will continue to run.  Athletes will receive one minute of rest (the rest is mandatory).  Athletes may switch out weights, BUT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM ANY VARIATION OF THE SNATCH DURING THE REST.  If either athlete performs a snatch during the rest period a 30 second penalty will be applied.

After the minute rest, athletes will have 8 minutes to earn as many points as possible during WOD 3 (WOD 2 and WOD 3 will be scored separately).  To earn points athletes must successfully execute a full squat snatch at one of the assigned weights.  Each weight has a point value, the higher the weight the more points the team will earn.  

Squat Snatch Ladder Weights:
RX Men: 95-115-135-155-165-185
RX Women: 65-75-85-105-115-135
Scaled Men: 45-75-95-115-135-155
Scaled Women: 35-55-65-75-85-105

Point Values:  
1 Point RX 95/65 Scaled 45/35
2 Points RX 115/75 Scaled 75/55
3 Points RX 135/85 Scaled 95/65
4 Points RX 155/105 Scaled 115/75
5 Points RX 165/115 Scaled 135/85
6 Points RX 185/135 Scaled 155/105

Only one athlete works at a time.  Non-working partner may change out his/her weights while the other athlete is working.  Athletes may help each other switch out weights.  

Athletes can jump weights in the ladder (e.g. Athletes can start at 185/135 if they desire) and athletes do not have to move up in weight at the same pace (e.g. Male athlete may jump to 185, while female athlete may stay at 85).

Athletes MUST announce their weight before lift.  If the athlete is going to make consecutive attempts with one weight: athlete only needs to announce weight before first attempt.  

Each station will have an equal amount of weights: athletes must share the weights and athletes may share the same bar.

Rankings from all three workouts will determine who advances to Finals.  In case there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be the TOTAL WEIGHT of the male and the female athletes’ LAST SUCCESSFUL REP in WOD 3.

Movement Standards: Squat Snatch

The barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted overhead in one motion. Touch-and-go is permitted. No bouncing or dropping and catching the barbell on the rebound. Once dropped, the barbell must settle on the ground before the athlete begins the next repetition. In every division, the athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below the knees.  

For the Rx’d division, catching the bar while above parallel will only be allowed if the athlete continues to drop below parallel in a smooth motion, without pausing or rising before achieving the required depth. A power snatch followed by an overhead squat will not be allowed.  

Scaled division is not required to catch the bar below parallel and will be permitted to power snatch, pause or stand, and then proceed to the bottom of the overhead squat. The barbell must come to full lockout overhead, with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over or slightly behind the middle of the body. This is not a ground-to overhead.