CF Mischief Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open starts February 22 and a lot of people have mixed emotions about the Open:
Nervous… I might die this year.
Excited… I can’t wait, I’m ready for anything Dave Castro throws at me!
Confused… What is the Open?

If you are the last one, The Open is CrossFit’s largest annual online competition and the 1st step to The CrossFit Games, the ultimate test of fitness.  For most of us, The Open is a time to see how we’ve improved our fitness in the past year and push outside our comfort zones. Our community comes together and forms an amazing bond during this time.  

This year we are switching it up and making the Open a little more fun...with The CrossFit Mischief Intramural Open.  

How it will work:

Feb 22: We will randomly draw teams.  After you know your team you will create a Team Name and election one person as Captain. Captains are in charge of turning in the points each week.  

Objective: Earn points for  your team by participating in a variety of activities throughout the 5 weeks.

How to Earning Points:
+1 Point – Open WOD: every member of a team that completes an Open workout earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout.  

+1 Point - Attendance: Every member of a team that attends Friday Night Lights earns one point.  (You do not have to workout to earn this point)

+1 Point - Sharing on Social Media: Every time a member checks in or post a video/picture throughout the week earns one point. Maximum 5 points per athlete per week.

+2 Point - Achievements: 2 points for every team member who achieves a “PR First” in a Open workout.  

+5 Points – Cheerleader of the Open: Each week we will pick one athlete who displays amazing SPIRIT during that week’s workouts. You’ll find this person cheering others on, volunteering to judge others, helping people get prepared, doing something amazing they never thought possible, gaining a new skill, etc etc.

+ 5 Points – Hardest Worker: Each week, we will pick one athlete who we believe worked the hardest in that week’s workout. That athlete will earn their team 5 extra points. The person DOES NOT have to complete the workout RX to win.

+10 Points - Team Spirit: The team that wins the Spirit of the Open for the respective week. This will be awarded based on the team that cheered the loudest, got dressed up in the most colorful or creative way during Friday Night Lights.

Weekly Challenge:
Each week there will be a weekly challenge for the teams to complete. If your team completes the challenge, they will be awarded the points that challenge is worth.
BONUS Points: Throughout the open, there will be opportunities for teams to win bonus points.  
First Bonus Point: Each member of the team that registers for the Open will earn one point for their team.