CrossFit is our most popular class. We utilize functional movements to improve performance, fitness, endurance and your overall health. Each hour-long class will incorporate metabolic conditioning, body-weight movements, Olympic weight lifting, and gymnastic training. No matter your personal fitness level, our expert coaches will individually work with you to modifying movements or workouts to keep you safe and still give you a challenging workout.

Cardio Bootcamp
This 45 minute class will focus on endurance and metabolic conditioning. The structure of the class will comprise of a warm up, workout using body weight movements, light kettlebells, dumbbells and wall balls and end with a cool down.  

Mischief Kids
Mischief Kids is a fitness program for ages 5-13, emphasizing on safety and proper movement with the focus on having fun. These 45  minute classes will help kids develop physical abilities, social skills, self-confidence and improve cognitive functions.  Teaching our kids about being active and healthy is the first step in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

Our yoga is a Vinyasa-style power yoga available to all levels of students. We focus on improving body alignment, build strength, mobility, confidence and grace in the body and mind!

Core Conditioning
This 15 minute class focuses on strengthening and toning your core.