January 2020 Athlete Spotlight : Nicole Dorner

Meet Nicole Dorner, our Mischief Athlete of the Month for January 2020. Nicole Dorner has participated in many exciting competitive and recreational activities in her life that demand physical agility and stamina. She was a figure skater for eight years, spent time on Milwaukee’s roller derby scene, and has a passion for “cosplay”—Nicole builds costumes and suits of armor for video game and movie characters. In June of 2019, Nicole added CrossFit to that list when she attended a Saturday morning WOD at CrossFit Mischief, only about two blocks away from where she currently resides. Partially motivated by her experiences as a cosplay enthusiast—which involve wearing and performing tasks in the costumes and suits of armor she creates—as well as the positive fitness journey of a friend who had joined a CrossFit box, Nicole decided the time was ripe to see if CrossFit might help her achieve various fitness goals.

After only six months as a Mischief Member, Nicole is already doing things she initially thought beyond her grasp, like banded pull-ups and 20” box jumps, which happen to be some of her proudest accomplishments to date. Aside from her personal accomplishments, Nicole particularly enjoys the camaraderie amongst her CrossFit classmates and the familial atmosphere at our gym. Two goals that Nicole puts above all others are performing an unassisted pull-up and completing at least one 5K obstacle course race (“OCR”). In fact, Nicole has already signed up for one, with the intent of signing up for two more by the end of 2020. We wish her the best of luck and are so glad she has become a part of the CrossFit Mischief family. Congratulations on meeting your own fitness and personal milestones, Nicole, and for becoming the Mischief Athlete of the Month!
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