February 2020 Athlete

Our Mischief Athlete of the Month for February 2020 is KhenYian Cheung. Although KhenYian has been an avid runner for years, he came to us in June 2019 with very little prior exposure to weight training implements, as well as the other types of daily fitness challenges that make CrossFit classes unique. Nevertheless, his seven months as a Mischief Member have been productive, and developing confidence with respect to performing weightlifting and powerlifting movements is one of KhenYian’s proudest fitness accomplishments. KhenYian’s primary fitness goal for 2020 is to remain injury free (so far, so good!), but he would also like to continue enhancing his arm strength—overhead movements are not on his list of favorite movements.

KhenYian still runs regularly, and his high level of endurance shines during morning WODs, especially those involving long runs or rows. Those at CrossFit Mischief who regularly attend the 6:30am class with KhenYian can attest to how hard he pushes himself—and he always does so with a positive attitude and encouraging presence. He is also the first person to offer a helping hand around the gym, whether setting up for a work out or cleaning up equipment at the end of class. As it happens, KhenYian is a Hospice and Palliative Medicine Physician, so helping others is a major part of his life away from the gym. In fact, his professional occupation is a powerful motivator when it comes to his own fitness pursuits. KhenYian acknowledges that in order to advise and influence patients effectively, it is important that physicians live the healthy lifestyles they promote to the best of their abilities. For KhenYian, that means trying to stay in shape and having fun in the process. Congratulations for all your hard work, KhenYian!
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