April 2020 Athlete of the Month

Big ‘Congratulations!’ go out to Megan Vacek, our Mischief Athlete of the Month for April 2020. As with many other CrossFit participants, Megan’s introduction to CrossFit came through a combination of intrigue and shared experience. Megan’s boyfriend, Johnathon, had become a Mischief Member in the Fall months of 2018, which peaked Megan’s interest. By June of 2019, Megan was ready to try it for herself. Her athletic background is rather diverse: Megan has been involved, to some degree, in running, softball, basketball, water polo, and powder puff football. Nevertheless, after only about ten months of CrossFit, she thinks she has found her sport.

Of all the movements utilized in the CrossFit training context, wall balls are Megan’s least favorite. Deadlifts, on the other hand, continue to fuel her ambition, day in and day out. Although she joined CrossFit Mischief with general health and physique goals in mind, exposure to barbell movements has captivated Megan, and she hopes to see that deadlift of hers meet or exceed 200 lbs. by the end of 2020. In addition to the exhilaration Megan feels, with respect to her CrossFit Mischief accomplishments, she believes the fitness challenges and triumphs encountered here have provided her with drive, determination, and an appreciation for consistency—all of which will help her in her daily life away from the gym. Megan is currently a Patient Care Technician at Edwards Hospital, as well as a Nursing student. In light of the recent COVID-19 developments, we also thank Megan for her service as a medical care provider in the fight against this global health crisis. Great work, Megan.
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