CrossFit Mischief Extended COVID-19 Action Plan


CFM Extended COVID-19 Action Plan (ECAP) to support our community in the event that the benefits of training outside of our gym outweigh the benefits of exercising together inside of it. It is a predetermined plan in place to provide a sense of community, a support system, amazing workouts and coaching even though we are not in the gym.

We strongly believe as a community, we can maintain the vast majority of our fitness and wellness while training outside the gym. At the same time we can ALSO do the right thing by helping our larger community to slow the spread of COVID-19 and give the most vulnerable in our population the best opportunity to have medical services available if and when they’re needed.

Action Plan:

1. Remote Programming
2. CFM Equipment Check-out
3. Zoom Class
4. Mischief Kids Zoom Classes
5. Remote Coaching
6. Personal Training
7. 30 Day Stay Active Challenge
8. Community Support
9. CFM Staff Support

Remote Programming:

Our remote programming has been and will continue to use minimal equipment, so that it is easy to perform the workouts at home. We will continue to post workouts Monday - Saturday on the website and create daily demo videos.

CFM Equipment Checkout:

For those in our community who don’t have any equipment to train at home and did not check out equipment, we still have a few dumbbells, jump ropes and kettlebells left if you need to borrow ours. Please contact us directly at 630-796-0613.

Zoom Classes:

We will continue to provide four (4) classes Monday - Friday and one (1) Saturday class. If you have any issues signing in to class, please contact us directly at 630-796-0613.

Mischief Kids Classes:

We understand the importance of keeping our kids active during these uncertain times and will continue to provide 30 minute classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30PM, free for members and $5/child for nonmembers.

Remote Coaching:

Members are assigned a coach. Your coach is your primary contact point with CrossFit Mischief. We are not just willing and able, we are excited for the opportunity to continue to support your fitness and wellness as long as we’re training outside the gym. We will continue to provide daily workout emails with specific modifications and goals.

Personal Training:

If you are interested in Personal Training to get a personalized plan just for you to help stay on track and motivated, please us directly at 630-796-0613.

30 Day Stay Active Challenge:

Join us in a 30 day challenge to stay fit and active during the shelter in place order. The more active you are the more prizes you win!

Community Support:

We encourage everyone to stay connected, whether that is posting on our Facebook Members of Mischief Group, talking on the phone or through happy hours and trivia nights. If you are not in the Facebook group and would like go to the 'Member Access' Tab and Click on 'Facebook Private Group'.

CFM Staff Support:

Our coaching roles will look a little bit different than facilitating warm-ups and coaching classes at the gym, but we will continue to pursue the mission of striving to build a community of awesome people that live healthy lives to the fullest. For us, it has never been just about fitness, we are a family and we are so grateful to have such amazing people in our lives.

Thank you for your support and love!
Arianne, Tom and the CF Mischief Staff

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