June: Athlete of the Month

Our Mischief Athlete of the Month for June 2020 is an original Mischief Member coming up on her seventh year of CrossFit: Jerrine Roderique. Prior to starting CrossFit, Jerrine’s fitness and athletic background primarily revolved around golf, recreational running, and cheering on her children and husband as a fan at their respective sporting events. CrossFit did not enter the picture until August 2013, when Jerrine accompanied her daughter, Jessica, to an introductory session at a local box where Jessica’s husband, Chuck, was a member. Jerrine’s motivation for attending the trial was simple and pointed: she wanted to stay active—for herself and for her family, which now includes several beloved grandchildren. According to Jerrine, however, “CrossFit has done much more” than be a convenient venue for physical exercise; rather, it has helped Jerrine establish a better command of her overall fitness, the implications of which have been significant and practical. For example, Jerrine no longer needs medication to treat osteoporosis she was diagnosed with many years ago, and she believes regular CrossFit training made that feat possible.

But, that is not the only challenge we have seen this retired Waubonsie Valley High School math teach overcome in recent years, and although each PR brings Jerrine a sense of accomplishment, her most thrilling to date was performing double unders for the first time during the 2017 CrossFit Open. Jerrine’s work ethic is apparent from her class attendance record. She rarely, if ever, misses a weekday session, and on the odd weekend she happens to be out of town, Jerrine and her husband, Dean (also a Mischief Member), make an effort to drop in at one or more nearby CrossFit gyms. When she is not busy training, or waiting for Governor Pritzker to allow small gyms to reopen, Jerrine enjoys cooking, baking, and hanging out with her grandchildren—even if that has to happen in digital forum for the time being. Jerrine, it has been a privilege to work with you daily over these last (almost) four years! Congratulations.
481 N. Commons Aurora, IL 60504 (view larger map)