COVID 19 Phase 4 Protocols

We Are Open & Offering Indoor Classes, Zoom Classes, and Personal Training

Members' Class Options

1. Gym Group Classes
2. Limited Zoom Classes
3.Personal Training (1 on 1 and small groups available)
4. Open Gym

Spacing and Capacity Limitations

1. Class Attendance limit: 10
2. Admit a total of 15 people in the facility at any given time
3. Athlete Stations: 6’ X 6’ area, athletes must remain in their area for workouts
4. No kids (exception coaches’ kids) will be allowed in the gym during class times
5. No walk-ins or unannounced guests will be allowed in the facility
6. Drop ins, guests, new athletes must register before attending class
7. Computers, fridges, and the water fountain will be off limits to athletes

Mask Policy

Starting November 2, 2020, we will be requiring masks or face covering upon entrance, exiting and any time you are not in your station, the only exception will be during workouts. Once you have gathered your equipment and are in your station you may remove your mask. During workouts we will not require you to wear a mask, but we do ask you to maintain six feet apart when moving to or using the rig during the strength or workout. Once everyone is in their stations the coaches will be allowed to remove their masks.

Group Class Preparation (Facility)

1. Park in back lot and follow the social distancing guidelines
2. Wait until a coach grants access to enter - do not enter without permission
3. 5 Minutes before the start of class will be the cut off for allowing athletes to enter. We highly encourage athletes to arrive 10 MINUTES EARLY. Any athlete not in the building after the 5 minute cut off will not be able to attend class

Entering Requirements

1. Enter through Door E after the coach has granted access
2. Athlete MUST be on the schedule to participate in class
3. Workout session (including, but not limited to strength percentages, warm ups, core workouts and wods) need to be written down before the start of class
4. Athlete must know what equipment is required for the workout session

Denied Access to Enter

1. Athlete is not on the schedule
2. Athlete is past the required arrival time (see section 4, part b)
3. Athlete is showing symptoms or has been in contact with someone who showed symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19
4. Athlete tested positive for COVID-19
5. Athlete’s temperature is above 100.4

Beginning Class Procedure

1. Temperature check at door
2. Coach will instruct athlete to use “Unit D” or “Unit E” bathroom to wash hands
3. Athlete will wash hands for 20 seconds in accordance with the CDC guidelines (please do not use the bathrooms for anything else at this time)
4. Bring ALL belonging to the assigned station
5. Athletes MUST CHANGE SHOES in station - NO OUTSIDE SHOES may be worn during the workout
6. ATHLETES will set up their station BEFORE the start of class (ALL required equipment for the entire workout session)

Cleaning / Ending Class Procedure

1. Athletes can disinfect prior to their workout session
2. Wait until all athletes have finished the workout to begin cleaning
3. ALL equipment including, but not limited to bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, PVCs, barbells, wall balls, AbMats, boxes and any other equipment the athlete came in contact with during the class must be cleaned after the workout session
4. Athlete must put all equipment away, unless otherwise instructed by the coach
Athlete has access to re-wash hands using Unit D bathroom on exiting
5. Exit through unit D
6. A coach will clean the floors

Attendance and No Show Policy

1. If athletes cannot attend class, it is the athletes’ responsibility to remove themselves from the class prior to the cut off time to avoid fees
2. If the class is full and the athlete wants to attend class, the individual MUST add them self to the waitlist
3. DO NOT text coach asking to be added to class
4. Coaches signed up on the class schedule will remove themselves to allow members to attend full classes
5. If an athlete is on the waitlist it is the athlete’s responsibility to check the schedule or email to see if he/she is admitted to class. (No Show Rules will go into effect if athlete was added to class, but does not attend)
6. No Show / Late Fees: $15
7. NO EXCEPTIONS - member’s account will automatically be charged if member is signed up and does not show to class.
8. No need to contact CrossFit Mischief or the coaches
9. In the case of an emergency, contact Arianne (DO NOT CONTACT THE COACHES) If you has questions on what will qualify as an emergency contact Arianne

Class Cut Off Times (Facility & Zoom)

1. One Hour cut off for 6:45AM, 9:30AM, 5:00PM, 6:15PM
2. One Hour cut off for 9:00AM Saturday Class
3. Eight Hour cut off for 5:30AM

Restrictions and Regulations

1. Athletes and coaches will be required to stay at home if they show any signs or symptoms
2. Athletes should be contacted immediately if it becomes known that a member or trainer has tested positive for Covid-19
3. Facilities will have masks available for coaches. Athletes may wear a mask to class and use at his/her discretion.
4. If a coach or athlete has come in contact with a positive Covid-19 individual he/she must contact CrossFit Mischief and follow the CDC quarantine guidelines.
5. Athletes MUST practice hygiene standards as defined by the CDC guidelines to be allowed to participate in class
6. No sharing equipment

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