COVID 19 New Summer Protocols: Starting May 17, 2021

We Are Open & Offering Group Classes and Personal Training

May 17 Schedule

Early Morning: M-F 5:30AM, 6:45AM
Mid Morning: M,W,F 8:30AM
Evening: M-TH 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM / F: 4:30PM, 5:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM, 9:00AM

Spacing and Capacity Limitations

1. Designated stations with limited attendance
2. No walk-ins or unannounced guests will be allowed in the facility
3. Drop ins, guests, new athletes must register to enter gym
4. Computers, fridges, and the water fountain will be off limits to athletes

Mask Policy

Face coverings are required to enter, exit and anytime the athletes are not in their designated station.


Children will be allowed in the gym during class time

1. Parents are responsible for watching their children
2. Children over the age of 2 must wear a mask at all times
3. Children will not be allowed on the gym floor and must remain in the designated area at all times for their safety and the safety of the members


1. Park in back lot and follow the social distancing guidelines
2. Athletes may enter 5 minutes before the start of class (no earlier)
3. Doors will close at the start of class. Any athlete not in the building after the the start time will not be able to enter and charged the no show fee
4. If an athlete arrives early please wait outside or in the car until 5 minutes before class

Entering Requirements

1. Enter through Door E
2. Athletes will use a self temperature check and wash their hands for 20 seconds upon entering
3. Athlete MUST be on the schedule to enter
4. Do not enter the gym floor until the coach has mopped the floor
5. Maintain 6 feet apart at all times
6. Athletes must know what equipment is required for the workout session

Denied Access to Enter

1. Athlete is not on the schedule
2. Athlete is past the required arrival time
3. Athlete is showing symptoms or has been in contact with someone who showed symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19
4. Athlete tested positive for COVID-19
5. Athlete’s temperature is above 100.4

Beginning Class Procedure

1. ALL belonging are to be placed in the cubbies, except for workout specific accessories
2. ATHLETES will set up their station (ALL required equipment for the entire workout session)

Cleaning / Ending Class Procedure

1. Athletes can disinfect prior to their workout session
2. Wait until all athletes have finished the workout to begin cleaning
3. ALL equipment including, but not limited to dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, PVCs, barbells, wall balls, AbMats, boxes and any other equipment the athlete came in contact with during the class must be cleaned after the workout session (bumper plates are excluded)
4. Athlete must put all equipment away, unless otherwise instructed by the coach
Athlete has access to re-wash hands using Unit D bathroom on exiting
5. Exit through unit D
6. A coach will clean the floors

Attendance Policy

1. If athletes can no longer commit to the reservation, it is the athletes’ responsibility to remove themselves from the schedule prior to the cut off time to avoid fees
2. If the gym is at full capacity and the athlete wants to attend, the individual MUST add them self to the waitlist
3. DO NOT text coach asking to be added
4. Coaches signed up on the schedule will remove themselves to allow members to attend
5. If an athlete is on the waitlist it is the athlete’s responsibility to check the schedule or email to see if he/she is on the schedule (No Show Rules will go into effect if athlete was added to schedule, but does not attend)

No Show Policy

The No Show fee will go into effect if the athlete misses classes but is signed up on the schedule and has not removed themselves before the cut off time. Asking to be removed from class after the cut off time will still result in a fine. Only emergencies are exempted for the fee.

1. First and second offense (per month): $15 Fee per no show
2. After 2 no shows (per month) the fee will increase to $25 per no show
3. After 4 no shows (per month) the fee will increase by $5 per no show
4. Reporting an Emergency: (E.g. athlete feels sick, car breaks down, etc.) EMAIL: and let us know you had an emergency (no need to give specifics) and you can’t make it to class. DO NOT text the coaches or Arianne.

Late Policy

The late fee will go into effect if the athlete shows up after the start time

1. First offense in a month: a warning
2. Second (or more) offense(s) in a month: Denied access to enter and charge the no show fee

Class Cut Off Times (Facility & Zoom)

1. One Hour cut off for 6:45AM, 8:30AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
2. Twelve Hour cut off for Saturday Classes
3. Eight Hour cut off for 5:30AM

Restrictions and Regulations

1. Athletes and coaches will be required to stay at home if they show any signs or symptoms
2. Athletes should be contacted immediately if it becomes known that a member or trainer has tested positive for Covid-19
3. Facilities will have masks available upon request.
4. If a coach or athlete has come in contact with a positive Covid-19 individual he/she must contact CrossFit Mischief and follow the CDC quarantine guidelines.
5. Athletes MUST practice hygiene standards as defined by the CDC guidelines to be allowed to participate in class
6. No sharing equipment, unless it has been sanitized between uses

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