October Athlete

Our Mischief Athlete of the Month for October 2020 is Veidehi Kaushal, or affectionately: “V”. V is a relatively new Mischief Member, having joined the hardworking ranks of the 6:45am morning crew only two months ago, at the beginning of August. Despite the brief duration of her tenure as a Mischief athlete, V has already begun to realize improvements in her overall energy and strength—attributes that are critical for her work as a nurse who is simultaneously pursuing an advanced degree. Prior to joining CrossFit Mischief, V had some great experiences participating in CrossFit at a box in California, called CrossFit Kindred. The coaches there provided V with fantastic instruction, and the commitment of the athletes she was surrounded by inspired V to continue training when she moved to Illinois. V’s other long-term goals include doing strict pull ups, mastering double-unders, and performing handstand pushups. She never complains about the programmed movements, but V, like most other CrossFit participants, has her preferences. The deadlift is one of them; and even though she tends to wrestle a little bit with the box every time she uses one, V really likes box jumps.

V has not always been involved with fitness or athletics, but every morning that she walks into the gym, she brings a smile and an encouraging sense of anticipation. After all, there is nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment one experiences after completing a grueling workout. Even when her workout is over, though, V finds other ways to use her CrossFit training outside of the gym, particularly at work. Whether it’s equipment, or the body of a patient, nurses can be called upon to lift a heavy object at any time, and V finds that her CrossFit training has prepared her well for such tasks. Amazingly, on top of participating in CrossFit and working in health care, V is also currently enrolled in an ABSN program to earn a nursing degree. Keep making the most of your time inside and outside of the gym, and congratulations!
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