January 2021 Athlete of the Month

Our Mischief Athlete of the Month for January 2021 is Douglas (“Doug”) Nygren. Doug has been attending classes at CrossFit Mischief now for a couple years. His initial exposure to functional fitness happened through our Six-Week Challenge beginners’ program, where Doug was introduced to a wide array of exercises and movements we tend to emphasize in our daily WOD classes. When he joined the gym, Doug’s goals were simple and modest: be more active, learn to move better, and live a little healthier. And for someone who spends long hours at work lifting and transporting heavy objects, accomplishing these goals is extremely relevant and applicable to performing everyday tasks.

Throughout his time at CrossFit Mischief, Doug has done a lot more than enhance his general strength and overall endurance. He has also expanded his movement vocabulary quite a bit. Early on in his training, Doug became very fond of weightlifting movements—especially the clean and its variants. As confusing and nuanced as the technical minutiae of weightlifting can get, Doug continues to work on his form, nearly every week, at the Mischief Weightlifting Class, and he has even encouraged others to come. Doug is a Major League Baseball fan and has served in the United States Navy. Doug, we would like to recognize your hard work and commitment to self-improvement. Congratulations on your accomplishments!
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