The Open: 2021

In the CrossFit world the buzz right now is all about The CrossFit Open. The Open is an exciting time to come together and celebrate big or small achievements with your fellow Mischief members.

If you are asking yourself what The Open is, it's a three week online competition and a way for top athletes to advance to the next stage of the competition. For most of us, The Open is a time to push past our comfort level and break down mental boundaries, for others it is a time to meet unfamiliar Mischief members and hang out, cheer on the athletes and to have fun with the Mischief family. Whether you are new to CrossFit or are an OG, we highly recommend you participate in The Open and join us for Friday Night Lights this year!

We will be sending out more details in the coming weeks. Below is a brief description about The Open and how we will run it at Mischief.

The Open Details:

Starts March 11, 2021
Thursday evening CrossFit HQ will announce the weekly workout.
Athletes have until Monday to complete the workout and submit their score by 7PM.

How we will be running The Open:

Monday - Thursday and Saturday will run classes as normal.
Normal class times for Friday morning and the class will complete The Open workout as a group (no judges)

Friday Night Lights:

During the Friday evening classes we will be running heats instead of having normal class times. Each person will have a judge that will count the reps, verify the correct movement patterns and help guide the athlete through the workout. A limited number of spectators will be allowed to cheer on the athletes and hang out. Spectators are welcome to bring food and their drink of choice. We ask the spectators to practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Heat times will be posted Thursday night at 8PM

4 People per heat (sign up on the schedule)

4 Judges per heat (sign up on the schedule)

Heat times will start at 4PM

Spectators must sign up on the schedule for all heats they plan on attending. (Depending on space we might need to limit the amount of heats a spectator can sign up for.)

Spectators, judges, and anyone not working out must wear a mask at all times. Athletes working out will not be required to wear a mask.

Open makeups will be scheduled on an individual basis with Arianne, no making up The Open workouts during class times.
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