April Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Alexandra Tobin, our Mischief Athlete of the Month for April of 2021. No longer a newcomer, Alexandra—known to her compatriots at CrossFit Mischief as “Ally,” has been a regular presence at the evening and weekend classes for over a year. Fellow Mischief Member, Tim, was the one who introduced Ally to CrossFit, way back when the box was located on Ogden, just down the street from Waubonsie Valley High School. Although Ally had some casual experience with recreational running at the time, she was relatively unfamiliar with CrossFit (aside from the great things Tim was telling her!) and what the group training experience entailed. Nevertheless, after a few introductory personal training sessions that exposed her to some basic movement principles, and the gist of the CrossFit methodology, Ally acclimated quickly and began showing remarkable improvement.

As so often happens, the more frequently Ally participated in classes at CrossFit Mischief, the more she wanted to keep coming back—a classic symptom of investing in self-improvement. In the time that Ally has been with the gym, she has also developed a particular interest for learning the classic weightlifting movements: 1) snatch, and 2) clean & jerk. Because of this, you will usually find Ally at the gym on Saturday mornings, practicing her weightlifting technique with Coach Arianne. Ally is a natural, and it is obvious from the patience she exerts while she is performing a lift. Patience is one of the single most difficult things to teach. Ally, you have come a long way since your CrossFit journey began, and we are thrilled to have joined you on that trip.
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