2022 CrossFit Open FAQs

2022 CrossFit Open FAQs

What is the Open?

CrossFit’s largest annual online competition and one of the ways to advance to The CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Open lasts 3 weeks and CrossFit HQ will release one workout a week on Thursday. Athletes who have registered online with CrossFit Games will have until Monday to submit their scores online to determine their ranking.

For most of us, the Open is a time to see how we’ve improved our fitness in the past year and push outside our comfort zones. It’s a time for our community to come together and support each other, hang out and have fun. Last year we saw a lot of PRs, new friendships develop and the true meaning of a CrossFit family.

Who is the Open For?

The Open is for everyone, and it serves athletes in a variety of ways. For most, the CrossFit Games season is complete after three weeks of the Open and is a standalone yearly endeavor. For others, the Open serves as the first qualifying round for additional competition.

Here is how the Open feeds into later stages of the CrossFit Games season:

The Open - Hundreds of thousands of people compete in the Open every year! Anyone can and everyone should participate!

Quarterfinals - If you finish in the top 10% of your division, you make it to the Quarterfinals! The Quarterfinals are also held as a worldwide virtual competition you can complete from your home or affiliate.

Semifinals - The top teams and individuals from the Quarterfinals go on to compete in person in Semifinal events around the globe. Age Group and adaptive athletes compete in an online Semifinal.

Occupational Games - The Occupational Games provide a chance for top athletes in eight different professions — some focused on self-improvement and some on helping others — to earn the title of the fittest in their occupation.

CrossFit Games - The top finishers from the Semifinals move on to compete at the CrossFit Games! Just 442 individuals and teams will qualify for the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games (the top 40 men, 40 women, 140 masters athletes, 40 teenage athletes, 30 adaptive athletes, and 38 teams).

What is Friday Night Lights?

It’s where our community comes together and celebrates your success, drives you to accomplish what you thought was impossible and the best part is you get to hang out with friends. During our Friday night lights we will have a theme for each week - people dress up and bring in food. Normal classes in the morning and heats in the evening. Everyone is welcome to participate and experience the magic of the Open.

Can I come to Friday Night Lights and not workout?

Absolutely! Whether you work out or not you are welcome to join in on the festivities and cheer on your fellow members. You are welcome to bring food to share and your drink of choice. Friends and family are welcome to spectate and hang out.

How long is The Open and how many workouts are completed?

The Open is 3 weeks long (starting February 24th) and one workout is released a week (total of 3 workouts).

How will the Open effect class times?

Morning classes will be normal times but evening classes will turn into heats. Heats will be run to ensure everyone who wants to workout has the opportunity.

How do I sign up for heat times?

Heat times will be posted Thursday afternoon / evening each week on the Mischief schedule after CrossFit HQ has released the workout.

If my membership is 3X a week, will Friday Night Lights count as one of my classes?

Nope, Friday Night Lights is a free event for all members. Working out during one of our evening heats times will not count toward your 3x a week membership. Please note: Friday Morning classes will count toward one of your classes.

Do I need to sign up on the schedule if I plan on NOT working out but want to attend Friday Night Lights?

Nope, just show up when you want and leave when you want. Only people who plan on working out need to sign up on the schedule.

How will the heats be run?

Your heat time is the time the workout will start. We ask that all athletes signed up on the schedule arrive at least 20 minutes before their heat time to properly warm up and understand the workout. We will have a warm up area and the warm up posted for you to complete on your own. We will be there to help demo movements and explain the workouts if you have questions.

Will there be judges?

If you would like a judge we will ask for volunteers. The purpose of the judge is to count your reps and ensure you are following the movement standards set by CrossFit HQ. If you have registered with the CrossFit Games we highly recommend you have a judge.

How do I register online with the CrossFit Games and what does it involve?

Registration for the Open starts January 13. Visit open.crossfit.com. (The CrossFit Games website is a separate website from CrossFit Mischief) This is where you would submit your score and be on the The CrossFit Games leaderboard. From here you can see how you have progressed over the years or set a benchmark for years to come or compare yourself to the world. The cost to register is $20.

Do I have to register with the CrossFit Games to participate in Friday Night Lights?

Nope! You can 100% participate in Friday Night Lights, complete the Open work without registering with CrossFit Games. This is a free event for all members.

Other questions you might be asking yourself…

“I’m not fit enough” or “I’m not as fit as I was last year.”

You don’t have to be at a particular fitness level to participate in the Open. All you need is a willingness to try, and the excitement and camaraderie of the Open will take care of the rest. Ever heard the phrase, “The best way to start is to start”? Rather than waiting to be “fit enough,” jump in and start, as the experience will catapult your efforts for the next year. Each year we see members, motivated by their experience in the Open, increase their weekly attendance at their gym, commit to a pull-up program, or work to get their first muscle-up. As a result, they get fitter, and by the time the next year’s Open rolls around, they can do even more. But it all starts with that first Open experience. It’s impossible to benefit from that catalyst if you’re standing on the sidelines.

And, if you’re concerned that you’re not as fit as you were the previous year, don’t be! The Open is a great gut check to help drive you to change that — or in some cases, shows us that you are in fact just as fit, if not fitter, than you were the year before.

“What are the workouts like? I just don’t think the Open is for me.”

The workouts programmed during the Open are no different than those you perform at Mischief - just programmed by a different person. If you don’t think you are ready or the Open is not for you - you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. By attending class, practicing the movements of CrossFit, and working to move well each day means you’re well-equipped and ready to take on the Open!

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