October 2022 Member of the Month: Ian

September Member of the Month

Congratulations to Ian, our Mischief Member of the Month for October, 2022. Ian isn't new to physical activity, as he has played football and worked out throughout college, but he is new to CrossFit. With just recently starting CrossFit, and just after two months of being consistent with making it to classes, Ian has already hit new personal lift records, continues to improve on his form with new movements, and feels better each and every day. Ian loves the challenge that CrossFit gives, and tackles each workout with great intensity. Ian brings a positive, friendly attitude to each workout and class and we look forward to seeing where his CrossFit journey takes him.

What motivated you to start CrossFit?

After playing football through college, I wanted to return to more intense workouts again. I dropped in with a friend of mine who's been doing it for a while, and I've been hooked ever since.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I've been doing CrossFit for just over two months now.

How has CrossFit improved your daily life?

I wake up feeling more fit, and much healthier than I was before I started CrossFit. I feel athletic again!

How do you stay consistent with your training?

No matter how I'm feeling with my personal motivation to workout, I still set my goal to at least show up three days a week. Once I get started in the class, everything else takes a backseat and I can focus on the workout.

What do you like most about CrossFit Mischief?

The community of people at CrossFit Mischief are some of the most friendly and encouraging people I've ever met. I've been quickly embraced by my fellow gym members, and that's something that's very rare to find.

Favorite CrossFit exercise?

Heavy power cleans

Favorite healthy snack?

Barebells protein bars, any and all flavors

Favorite cheat food?

Little Caesars hot-n-ready pizza (it's a real guilty pleasure)

One Interesting fact about yourself?

I studied geology in college, and worked as a geologist for three years before my current job working as an insurance underwriter.

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