Holiday Pair Up Challenge 2022

Grab a partner and join the fun during the holiday months. Sign up sheet is at the gym, the deadline to sign up is November 14.

Teams of Two: M/M, M/F, F/F
Team Cost: $10
Challenge Begins: November 14
Challenge Ends: December 30
Prize: $100 Gift Cards and Grand Winners receives CASH

Attendance Challenge

Attend 3 Classes per week (Monday - Sunday) and earn 1 point per week. (each partner has the potential to earn 1 point per week)

Mount Everest Wall Ball Challenge

Throw enough wall balls between you and your partner to reach the top of Mt. Everest (29,032’). For the feet you throw, subtract that from 29,032’. For example if you throw to a 10 foot target you and your partner would need to complete 2,903 wall balls.

Everyone’s Favorite Movement Challenge

Complete 1000 Burpees between you and your partner. Any burpee will count (burpee box jumps/Step Ups, burpee pull ups, athletic burpees in a warm up or if you normally modify to athletic burpees due to an injury.)

Strongman Challenge:

Accumulate pounds with Barbell (Cleans, Snatches, Presses, Deadlifts, Squats, Clusters, Thruster and Bench). You can only use your highest weight (one number) per lifting session and/or workout per day. (it is not reps x weights or an accumulation of strength weight + WOD weight). For example: If I back squat 1x5 at 125, 1x5 145, 1x5 165, the next day there were deadlifts in the workout, I used 215 and the following day I benched 3x12 at 95. I would use the 165 Back Squat, 215 DL, 95 Bench, add them together (475) and subtract that from my team’s number below. If I was on a F/F team, I would subtract from 5,000. Both partners will continue to chip away at the number below until they reach zero.

M/M Teams: 8,000
M/F Teams: 6,500
F/F Teams: 5,000

Each Team will receive a scorecard which will include all the challenges. Teams will keep track of their work, attendance and the date they finish each challenge.

Once a team completes a challenge and a coach signs off on it, one of the team members must notify Arianne via text (630-796-0613) with a screen shot of the completed scorecard for that specific challenge.

Remember even if your team is not the first to finish a challenge your team can still win the grand CASH prize.

All scorecards must be turned in on Friday, December 30th.

There are 3 Performance Challenges that teams will strive to complete over the months of November and December.

There is one attendance challenge - simply show up 3x a week and each week you will earn a point for your team. For example if both partners attend 3 classes that week, the team would earn 2 points.


The first team to complete each individual challenges wins two $100 gift cards*.

The team with the most attendance points after the challenge is over will win two $100 gift cards*.

The overall winners of the 4 challenges will win the money collected by the participants. The more people who participate the more the winning will be!!

*The gift card contains $20 to 5 different brands totaling $100.


Each challenge will be ranked by date finished. For example: if a team finishes the Mt. Everest challenge first, they will be ranked 1, the second team to finish will be ranked 2 etc. Same for the other challenges.

For the attendance challenge the team with the most points will be ranked 1 and so forth

If teams do not finish a challenge the teams will be ranked on how much they completed.

Rules: What counts towards the Reps:

All reps must be completed at CrossFit Mischief and a coach must sign off on the work you did. (Excluding the attendance challenge)

Workouts or warm ups that include wall balls (you must note your target height), and burpees will count

Any lift with a barbell will count toward the strongman challenge

Complete reps during open gym

Before class or after class (you may not interfere with a class in session and you must ask the coach in charge if it is okay - if you work on a challenge without the coach’s approve the reps will not count)

Attendance: classes or open gyms will count

What are you waiting for -grab a partner and get ready to have some fun!

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