2023 Mischief Intramural Open

What is the Mischief Intramural?

A FUN team challenge for 3 weeks during the CrossFit Open!

How to Sign Up?

Step 1: Gather 4 teammates and sign up on the sheet at the gym. Please put all the teammates names on the sheet. Don’t have a team or only have a partial team sign up and we will help find more teammates.

Step 2: Choose a Team Name

Step 3: Choose a Captain for your team. Captains are in charge of keeping track of the points each week. We will provide a point tracker sheet and folder.

What is the Deadline to Sign Up?

Deadline to sign up is Friday, February 17

What is the Objective

Earn points for your team by participating in a variety of activities (listed below) throughout the 3 weeks.

How to Earn Points

2 Points FNL Attendance: Every member of a team that attends Friday Night Lights
1 Point Workout Participation: Every member of a team that completes an Open workout earns one point. (Maximum one point per athlete per workout.)
1 Point Achievements: 1 point for every team member who achieves a “PR First” in an Open workout. (Ex; First Pull Ups, New 1 Rep Max, etc)
1 Point Sharing on Social Media: Every time a member posts a video or picture to their social media account (not Members of Mischief Page) or checks in earns one point. Maximum 3 points per athlete per week.
5 Points Team Spirit: The team that best represents the weekly theme during Friday Night Lights.

Weekly Challenges

Each week there will be a weekly challenge for the teams to complete. The challenge will be announced on Saturday and teams will have from 8AM on Sunday until 8PM on Thursday to complete the challenge. Teams will be rewarded in the order the teams complete the challenges. The most points will go to first, then second, etc.

FNL Gauntlet Challenges

The Gauntlet Challenge During FNL: We will schedule a time (between 5PM-6PM) for 10 minutes for the Gauntlet challenge to take place during Friday Night Lights. Your team will select 1 or more teammates (number of teammates needed will be specified during the introduction of the challenge) to complete the challenge. If your team wins the challenge, your team will be awarded the points the challenge is worth.

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